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Customs Brokerage

At Cargo Trans, we understand the necessity of smooth customs clearance for your business. Considering the dynamic logistical infrastructure in India and the continuously changing regulations, compliances and procedures, our experts keep themselves up to date and will steer your way through the challenges faced at seaports and airports related to customs queries.

We will make sure you are guided along the correct guidelines and your supply chain runs smooth without any unnecessary halts.

What we can offer?

  • Preparation of EXIM documents in accordance to customs’ laws, regulations and procedures.
  • Offer consultations regarding commodities, tax & duty structures, export restrictions, DG goods, etc.
  • Consultation for AEO registration.
  • Port Registrations for new importers or exporters.
  • PD Bond issuance & SVB finalizations.
  • Arrangement and issuance of Certificate of Origin for exporters.
customs brokerage