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Value Added Services

We offer few highly customizable services for our niche customers


Cargo handling is always done with the highest care, precaution and with a great attention to details, however loss or damage of goods while in transit is always inevitable. We can insure cargo for international as well as domestic transportation. Our insurance can be categorized into following classification:-

Land Cargo Insurance 

This insurance provides coverage for all the land transportations covering trucks and other small utility vehicles. The coverage aspects are theft, collusion damages and other related risks. This insurance is domestic in nature and operates within Indian boundaries.

Marine Cargo Insurance 

This insurance covers transportation carried our either in sea or by air. Your goods are covered from damage due to cargo loading/unloading, weather contingencies, piracies and other relevant issues. This insurance covers purely international transportation.


Packaging plays an essential role in promoting, protecting and transporting your products. Our packaging services are available to companies across a range of industries such as textiles, toys, electronics, food contact, furniture, medical/pharmaceutical and can be tailored to meet your specific needs with the least carbon footprints.